viroza design, Viera Gorelova Levett








solar powered bus shelter
Slide 1

3D CAD Rendering - Night View

Slide 2

3D CAD Rendering - Day View

Slide 3

3D CAD Rendering - Front View

Slide 4

Top View on Solar Powerd Roof

Slide 5

Back View on Interactive Features

Slide 6

Exploaded View - Parts



1998                                                 The “Solar Shelter” is a concept where public transportation meets current technology. The Shelter’s interactive features create an environment where a rider can check, using GPS, exactly where and when the next bus is due to arrive. The other features are maps, displays of cultural events with dates and times, access to local restaurants and nightlife sites, interactive marketing and advertising.

Video features can be used to identify vandals.  The Shelter’s roof provides the solar power for the illumination and interactive touch screens at no expense to the city and environment. The Shelter’s design fits in to the modern architecture of a given city.